SC(North) RECORDS DURING 2018 - 20 November 2018.
Please study this list and let me know of any errors or omissions by Sunday 9th December.
This list will then be incorporated into the full list of North Records.
Records are for riders of North clubs. There are two sets viz:
On North courses.
On any SC course.
In the list below these are identified as “N only”, “SC”, or “Both”.
  25miles Alasdair Munro RT23 55m 34s 30/06/2018 NS7 Both
  25miles Alasdair Munro RT23 54m 34s 03/06/2018 Forfar SC
  50miles Alasdair Munro RT23 1h 56m 56s 22/07/2018 I’gordon Both
  10miles Kyle Gordon RT23 18m 54s 15/07/2018 Freuchie SC
  25miles Kyle Gordon RT23 51m 00s 12/08/2018 Kildary N only
  25miles Kyle Gordon RT23 48m 38s 03/06/2018 Forfar SC
  50miles Kyle Gordon RT23 1h 41m 16s 22/07/2018 I’gordon Both
  100miles Kyle Gordon RT23 3h 36m 10s 26/08/2018 AB100s/3 SC
Age 59   10miles Fiona Paton ESW 26m 43s 02/09/2018 Kildary Both
Age 62  10miles Mary Eagleson RRCC 28m03s 02/09/2018 Kildary Both
Age 69  10miles Anne Mitchell ESW 32m 05s 28/07/2018 NS31 Both
Age 62  25miles Mary Eagleson RRCC 1h 13m 25s 12/08/2018 Kildary Both
Age 46  50miles Amanda Wagstaffe ESW 2h 24m 29s 10/06/2018 I’gordon Both
Age 62  50miles Mary Eagleson RRCC  2h 37m 02s 22/07/2017 I’gordon Both
Age 54 10miles Peter Ettles RT23 21m 18s 15/07/2018  Freuchie SC
Age 54 25miles Peter Ettles RT23 53m 42s 03/06/2018 Forfar SC
Age 81 10miles Alasdair Washington Caithness CC 25m 34s 02/09/2018 Kildary Both
Age 81 25miles Alasdair Washington Caithness CC 1h 4m 55s 17/06/2018 AB25/8 SC
Age 81 25miles Alasdair Washington Caithness CC 1h 8m 16s 12/08/2018 Kildary N only
Age 81 50miles Alasdair Washington Caithness CC 2h 18m 35s 10/06/2018 I’gordon Both
Age 81 100miles Alasdair Washington Caithness CC 5h 2m 38s 26/08/2018 AB100S/3 Both
  10miles Alasdair Munro
Kyle Cartmell
RT23 21m 08s 10/05/2018 Inchberry Both
Alasdair Washington       SC (North) Records Secretary    20 November 2018