This is a season-long competition for NOSCA riders to encourage Non-Standard events where there are no pressures on times and which can therefore have an extra enjoyment factor and perhaps appeal to some who may be less attracted to standard distance time trials: notice how many keen riders are attracted to MTB and Sportive events so please help to get this idea off the ground.
The series made a good start last year and the formula worked well and a number of riders have said that they plan to be more involved this year: the more who ride all or most events the more successful it will be.
EVENTS FOR 2008   
1 April 13 Sun Forres CC Edenvale Hilly 17m ( NOT 30)
2 May 04 Sun Caithness CC Loch Calder Hilly 23m
3 May 18 Sun Cromarty Firth CC Struie Hilly 30 or 40m
4 May 31 Sat Elgin CC Pluscardin Hilly 18m
5 July 06 Sun Ross shire CC Black Isle GP 40m
6 July 13 Sun Caithness CC Loch Calder Hilly 11m
7 Sept 06 Sat Cairngorm CC Mackie Trophy 14m
CATEGORIES   There will be awards for:  Fastest/ Youth/ Juniors/Ladies/Vets-on-standard provided there are 3 or more riders in a category.
POINTS SYSTEM   Points will be awarded for  each event. Variation of points with placing will be such that missing an event need not prevent an overall win. For each category the awards will be :
1st 10 points
2nd 8
3rd 6
4th 4
5th 3
1st means 1st NOSCA rider etc.
TROPHIES: There will be trophies or medals and also money prizes for each category at the end of the series. For trophies/medals Overall Fastest takes priority, eg if a Vet or Junior is fastest overall they take that award as well as the first Vet or Junior. Money prizes as per the normal NOSCA one-man-one-prize system.
Good Luck and please support our Series.
Alasdair Washington
(Series Co-ordinator)