Activity:             Assessment Completed by (name / role):            
CCC 10 mile TT     Debbie Simmons (Covid Coordinator)
Venue Address               Date Completed            
A9 Thurso     23/04/2021 - Updated 04/05/2021
Covid 19 Supplementary Risk Assessment for recreation rides
Functional Area Description of the Risk Who is at Risk (tutor, participant, general public) Level of risk
(pre-control) - High / medium / Low
Controls to reduce the Risk
(The use of PPE is to be considered a last resort when all other controls have been exhausted)
Level of risk (post-control) Action Progress Notes to assist in completion
P = Participant / L = Leader or Volunteer / G = General Public T P G H M L H = High / M = Medium / L = Low H M L Who
In all cases if attending an exisiting facility for your activity ensure the facility operators have completed a covid 19 specific risk assessement and that you have been given a copy to understand the extra controls you may require to make your activity safe.
Pre-Activity Communication and procedures Participant details not collected ahead of activity for Test & Protect X X Ensure only riders that have pre registered to attend the activity and that they have supplied contact details. If any riders have not pre-registered - ensure details are captured before ride commences. The SPOND application is being used for this purpose. X DS 27th April  
Participtant is not fully aware of the guidelines required X   X Ensure participant has read Scottish Cycling Covid-19 guidance. SPOND application contains COVID disclaimer. Email will details of Covid protocols X DS 27th April  
People not receiving appropriate and accurate information in advance of attending an activity x   X Ensure pre activity communication with participants is clear on what the current Covid-19 Guidance is. X DS 27th April    
Covid-19 guidelines not understood and adhered to by participants   X   X X DS 27th April  
Group size is too large X X Consider spilitting groups up to ensure that they fall within the Covid-19 Guidance. This will be not be applicable as TT participants ride alone X DS 27th April  
Meeting area at the start of the ride Participants are not aware of the measures in place reduce transmission of Covid-19 X X Ensure there is a briefing and/or advance communication that covers all aspects of the guidance and procedures on the day X DS 27th April  
Attendance of a rider who is infected with Covid 19 X X Reminder ahead of the ride about not attending if showing any symptoms and recheck again at the start. Consider use of masks when the group is not riding. Members to take masks to TT event.
Members to electronically submit Covid Disclaimer via SPOND app.
TT participants can now self assess for Covid symptoms instead of submitting a written disclaimer.
      DS 27th April    
Participants fail to physically distance X     X Ensure briefing at start or in advance of activity makes clear the need to physically distance at all times. Avoid larger group sizes. X DS 27th April    
Start area lacking appropriate spacing giving limited opportunity for physically distancing X X Ensure start area for ride is large enough to for all attendees to physically distance. Remain outside whereever possible. Meeting area is the cememtry which allows social distancing and start area allows social distancing in the farmers track. X DS 27th April    
During the activity Riders failing to maintain correct distance during activity X X TT trial is an individual activity. Riders may pass each other but this will be socially distanced. X DS 27th April    
Activities which produce direct or indirect contact between riders X X Riders should wear masks at all times when not racing
Volunteers should wear masks at all times.
X DS 27th April    
A mechanical issue arises on the ride X X Ensure that participants don't gather around the broken bike and be concious of the need to adopt the outdoor socialising rules when the ride is stopped. Use a buff or face mask if you require to offer them any assistance. X DS 27th April    
Loan equipment Risk of transmission from loan equipment not being suitably cleaned between use X     X Ensure cleaning regime is created and applied. It is not recommended to share equipment (such as bikes, helmets or clothing).
Numbers will be allocated verbally and riders will shout their number to the timekeeper as they come over the line.
X DS 27th April    
Participants Participants who would be classed 'at risk' attending the ride X X All attendees to be reminded of their obligation to self certify suitability to attend the activity, and to notify the club as soon as possible should they feel unsure or are developing symptoms in line with current NHS Scotland guidance. SPOND app and email contain Covid disclaimer X DS 27th April    
Emergency services response Ride leader/participants unaware of the actions to be taken in an emergency requiring attendance of the emergency services X X Participants to be clear on the actions to be taken should the emergency services attend.
Access / Exit points to be clearly identified and controlled to ensure these are clear at all times. Nominated person to assist Emergency services, if required
X DS 27th April    
Refreshment breaks Participants sharing food and drink increasing potential for transmission X X Remind all participants that they should not share food or drink. Ensure all participants are advised to bring their own food and refreshments with them X DS 27th April    
Group fails to physically distance on breaks X X Remind participants that they must mainstain a 2m social distance and follow the outdoor socialising rules. X DS 27th April    
End of the ride Gathering of people within a confined space increasing the risk of infection and preventing physically distancing protocols X     Ensure the finish of the ride is in an area with plenty of space, and encourage participants to disperse promptly. X DS 27th April   It is recommended that open communal areas be secured and not used wherever possible. Should you wish to make use of an area, consider this within the risk assessment and ensure social distancing measures are considered
Any other noted risks for the activity Using the clubhouse. X X Use of clubhouse: Turn marshall to wipe down flag at the end of the TT with supplied wipes. Timekeeper to wipe down stop watch at the end of the TT with supplied wipes.
Only one person allowed in at a time.
Hand sanitiser to be used on entry and exit.
Sign posted and hand sanitiser placed at the door.
    X DS 27th April  
TT Start procedure - riders usually supported whilst clipped into pedals. TT start procedure:
RidersTT start procedure:
Riders clip in and start without support.
Timekeeper to ensure social distancing is maintained.
Riders and timekeeper to be briefed accordingly prior to start of TT. start without support.
    X DS 27th April