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2008 TT BAR Helpers 25 News NoSCA TT Records Scottish 12 Hour Special Series



Points are awarded to NOSCA riders in each category viz: 1st (10 points)/ 2nd (8)/ 3rd (6)/ 4th (4)/ 5th (3).

In each category there are cups for the winners, medals and money prizes for the first 3.

The events have a high enjoyment factor, with no pressures on times and a great change from the normal standard distance flat races.
Please do your best to support the series.

The FINAL EVENT is the MACKIE TROPHY 14miles on Sat. Sept 6th near Aviemore. CU THERE.

Current Position  
All Riders   Youth   Junior   Ladies   Vets (Std)  
P Alexander 48 S Fraser 20 D Gunn 30 M Eagleson (Sen) 26 A Washington 40
A McCaffrey 36 D Hutcheson 10 M Eagleson (Jun) 22 M Eagleson (Jun) 24 P Ettles 16
P Ettles 18 M Moodie 8 R Cartwright 10 M Todd 10 D Gillies 10
A Hughes 12 R Cartwright 6 A VanDerVlies 8 M Lyall 10 M Eagleson (Sen) 10
G Luce 10         M Hughes 6 D Morrill 9
D Gunn 10         R Cartwright 4 S Craigen 8
D Hutcheson 8             J McLoughlan 8


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