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Scottish 100 TT Championships  
Posted: Tuesday, June 08, 2004
The Scottish 100 mile Time Trial Championships is being held on 11th July. All entrants please note that the closing date for entries is 26th June, not 10th July as printed in the handbook.

Please support this event. Not only do you get your miles for your money, but you may be rewarded from a generous prize list as the organiser has attracted several local sponsors. For more details contact the organiser, Paul Betteridge on 01330 811719 or paul.betteridge@akerkvaerner.com


Tony Franchi 50 mile TT back on !  
Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2004
The Tony Franchi 50 mile time trial (Event no 149) on 27th June which had been cancelled has been reinstated.
Host club Forres CC have decided to run the event using a different course and organiser. The event will be now be held on the Ross-Shire CC 50 course (not in Handbook), same date and time.

The new organiser will be:
Peter H Robertson
16 Califer Road

Tel: 01309 673811

Please give your support to the event; last chance to ride a 50 before the Scottish champs on 4th July!


Scottish 10 mile Time Trial Championship - qualifying event for RTTC GHS Championship  
Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004
The Scottish 10 mile Time Trial Championship on 19th June, being hosted by Cromarty Firth CC is also a qualifying event for the GHS (George Herbert Stancer Memorial) Championship. The GHS Championship is open to all riders between 12 and 16 years of age. This year's Scottish 10 TT is an addition to the 21 District Championships in England and Wales.

Riders placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & fastest girl & fastest team of three qualify for the GHS Final in September automatically. The fastest 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 year old boys & girls (age on 31st August this year) also qualify for the final.

Certificates and Medals will be awarded to all finishers in the District events.

Full details of the Championship conditions can be found in the downloads section - RTTC National Championship Conditions (condition 13). Details of the other District events and the GHS Final can be found on the RTTC website: www.ctt.org.uk


Single Event Licence Charges Reduced! 
Posted: Friday, January 30, 2004

Single Event Licences have long been the source of problems for new riders. At an additional £12, this was enough to deter a newcomer from attempting cycle sport.

In England it was recognised that Leagues like the Surrey League were where newcomers attempted to come into the sport but the need for a licence was prohibiting more to come and try. As a result a motion was raised and passed at the British Cycling National Council to reduce the cost of Single event licences, unfortunately only for road and track events.

The SCU have lobbied for this reduction to be made across all disciplines of the sport including the Cross Country and Downhill Series currently run in Scotland. This has now been agreed by the BC Board and should allow more people to attempt cycle sport in future. No licence points can be gained while riding under a Single Event Licence.

The cost of Single Event Licences is as follows:
For riders who are members of the SCU/BC: Senior £5, Junior £2, Under16 FREE

For riders who are not members of the SCU/BC: Senior £6, Junior £4,Under 16 £1

These Single Event Licence fees can only be reduced if the event entered is part of a series or league of six or more events.


Reasons to Join and Compete with SCU Membership 

Posted: Friday, January 16, 2004


What can you get for £2.05……….
Possibly not enough for a pint of Guinness, 205 penny caramels (do you remember them, kept you chewing for hours), a pair of bullet shaped dust caps for your mountain bike, a pot of tea and a sticky bun perhaps, in fact not a lot of anything!

What about entering a cycling event…..
For £2.05 you get all the information you need to send your entry to the event organiser, you get officials trained to make sure that no one cheats and everything is fair and safe, you get results posted on the SCU web and if the organiser is willing get a report of the event as well, you get people to work out where your finishing position places you in the National Series or BAR tables, you may even win a handicap prize due to the handicap worked out and published in the SCU handbook, you get people to answer your queries about the sport in general, and if you have been successful throughout the season you may be the person who is awarded one of the championship or series medals at the annual Presentation and Dance again paid for by your £2.05.
If you are under 16 the SCU gives you all this and more for free as you do not pay SCU levies at all!

This £2.05 seems like a bargain for all that and that is exactly what it is a Bargain !

What of all the other money collected at races you ask? Well none of that goes towards the SCU.

The £1.50 insurance levy goes straight to British Cycling in order that any rider who has the misfortune to have an incident during the event gets the appropriate representation and insurance cover.
The remainder of the entry fee goes to the organiser to pay for the event insurance, the Hall that you change in, the prize money that you could win and to help with the official’s expenses. Some events do not use the open road and have to pay for the use of a facility like Ingliston or one of the forests used in Off Road events. Very few clubs that organise events make a profit.

Even the event insurance, is sent via the SCU to British Cycling with nothing retained by the SCU. This insurance cover is the most robust available – claims on household policies need not be incurred for cycling events.
Many of our members can vouch for the efficiency and trouble free insurance service that SCU membership brings.

For an average £8 entry fee for a time trial you get sport that takes anything from 19:00 minutes to 12 hours, (slow guys get even better value for money as they compete for longer and I should know), road racing costs about the same for even longer enjoyment and challenges, while for £20, Off Road events give you two days of sport if you count the practice day as well.

So where is all this expense involved in SCU cycling, how can we be branded as money grabbing, it beat me.

Membership of the SCU should be essential for the rider who uses his or her bike regularly. You do not have to be a competition rider to be a member.

Of the three levels of membership available only the Bronze membership (£11.50 for Senior and Junior), has no insurance cover included and is designed for some members who do not now ride their bike. All other membership packages, Silver and Gold membership, carry insurance cover.

Third Party cover for Silver members (costing £32. £21, £11.50 & £6 for Senior, Junior, Youth and Under 12 respectively with Family membership at £75)

Personal Accident Cover for Gold members (costing £58, £43, £31 & £25 for Senior, Junior, Youth and Under 12 respectively with Family membership at £126).

With Silver and Gold membership for youths (anyone under 16) you also get a FREE Competition License that allows you to race, compete and time trial at no extra cost.

Even this membership fee does not go towards swelling the SCU coffers. A typical Gold membership for a Senior costing £58 gives a return of approximately £10 to the SCU to run the company, providing office staff, newsletters and handbook etc etc.

The Board are determined that we are going to have a good year so why not JOIN US and have a good year’s cycling

Ian Sinclair
President SCU

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