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2002 Time Trial Season

If anyone is interested, I would like to introduce some new competitions into our racing calendar for the 2002 season. Hopefully it will increase interest in racing by giving prizes to different categories. I am trying to keep the rules to a minimum but the main two important ones are:

  1. Riders must register to me before March 31st 2002.
  2. Riders names must appear on the official start sheet. ie must enter by official closing date.

Competition 1. Aggregate team - First 3 riders from same team with points awarded 10pts for 1st, 9pts for 2nd, 8 pts for 3rd, etc. Club team with most points at end of season wins.

Competition 2. Handicap team - Handicap time taken on 2001/2002 best times. First 3 riders from same team with best handicaps with points awarded 10pts for 1st, 9 pts for 2nd, etc. Club team with most points at end of season wins.

Competition 3. Individual handicap - Handicap placings for each event with points awarded 1st h/cap 25, 2nd h/cap 24, 3rd h/cap 23, etc. If more than 25 riders, from 25 onwards get 1 point.

Competition 4. - Points awarded for each event started, 1 pt for events up to 25 miles, 2 pts for events 26 - 50 miles and 3 points for the 100. Rider with most points deemed the winner. Equivalent points also awarded for assisting in club promotions.

Competition 5. - Aggregate fastest times for the three 50 mile events.

Remember all solo NOSCA TT's to count, participation points awarded for TTT.
I hope everyone will take part in the spirit in which it is intended and although there may be some initial problems I hope to attract a few more entries.
Any queries please contact me and I'll see if a rule covers it!

Name :  
Club :  

Best times for distances 2001/2002

10 :  
25 :  
30 :  
50 :  
100 :  

Please contact or return to:

Roger Sewell
5 Wallace Court
IV15 9RS
Tel: 01349 867863

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