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Extracted from BC/SC "Commissaire matters Newsletter" August 2019.

With the majority of our cycle sport officials operating outside we just wanted to point you in the direction of some guidance about Lyme Disease due to the increasing prevalence of tick bites.

Click here to see NHS Lyme Disease Info

BC/SC Rules

We are hearing more instances where riders arenít wearing club kit. It has been noted that there isnít a recommended fine for this offence at regional level. To ensure consistency, in the first instance the rider should be asked to wear the correct clubís kit. If the rider is pulled up for not wearing their club kit again then the recommended fine would be £25.00 in line with the table of recommended sanctions for the disobedience of reasonable directions of a race official.


There are increasingly more cases where cameras are being used by riders in competition. It needs to be ensured that in line with regulation 10.4 that the use of in competition cameras attached to riders, cycles or helmets is prohibited unless previously authorised in writing by the British Cycling Board.


Concerns have been raised about riders not being fully in control of their bikes recently by a number of commissaires.

As a next step, this topic will be included on the next agenda for the Commissaires commission to discuss the challenges associated with an acceptance at UCI level events. We will also be looking to gain the commissions thoughts on whether a regulation needs to be written for the British Cycling technical regulations specifically addressing the suitable holding of handlebars for commissaires to enforce directly within a race.

In the meantime, commissaires can address this in the briefing that with safety of all riders in mind they would like to see all riders holding the handlebars in the correct manner. Any further enforcement without a specific regulation to address this behaviour would be challenging.


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