The plan is to leave from Gills at 09:30 on Sunday 29th August.
We will return on the 18:00 ferry later the same day.
We hope to complete a 60 to 80 mile cycle but of course the distance will be dependent on the weather.
The cost of the ferry is 26 return including the bike.
Please take waterproofs and equipment sufficient to complete a puncture repair.
Meeting point will be at the ferry terminal building latest 09:00.
If the weather is more than "mildly moist" and we have to cancel I will release an email at 19:00 on the Saturday evening.
Please confirm with an email if you will be attending and I will reserve ferry space.

Saturday Morning Update
The weather for Orkney looks like rain early on but clearing nicely throughout the day, so the trip is on.
Meet at latest 09:00 at the Gills Ferry Terminal.
Might be wise to take a waterproof for the first part of the day.
Take a few extra 's for a lunch stop, water bottles and some food for you back pocket.

I will be staying with the rider at the back so don't be afraid of being left behind.
David Morrill

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