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Cross Training First Aid Course Hell of the North Highland Strath Run


‘Hell of the North’ Cycle Ride Sunday 25th March 2007

Ideal chance to get some long easy! miles into your legs prior to the season starting.

The route is Thurso/Forsinard/Helmsdale/Latheron/Wick/John O’Groats/Thurso.

The total mileage is 130 miles but there are a number of ‘escape routes’ which can reduce the mileage depending on how many you want to do.

Thurso to Forsinard is 35miles and it is possible to turn back here to Thurso and get a 70 mile ride.

Helmsdale 55miles and a good place to stop for lunch (Sandwiches/bar lunch or fish and chips).

Latheron 74 miles and choice to take Causewaymire back to Thurso for 100 mile round trip.

Wick 92 miles and choice to take Watten road back to Thurso for 112 mile round trip.

John O’Groats 110 miles.

Thurso 130 miles!

There are a number of other stops possible to pick up food/water at Dunbeth/Lybster/Wick/Keiss/JoG/Castletown.

The longest leg without food/drink stops is Thurso to Helmsdale and best to carry enough food/water for this section.

Departure time will be from the Thurso clubrooms at 0830 for the normal riders and a list of those who leave at this time will be posted on the door. The faster riders who want to leave later will be able to see who is on the road ahead of them. Everyone can go at their own pace but the more people stay together the better for ‘drafting’and hence an overall easier or faster day. Light should not be a problem but a rear light may be useful if the weather is poor and spare tube/pump is advisable. It will take about 10 hours to complete the route but could be a bit less/more depending on weather/stops etc.

 If you are interested please let me know so that we do not set off without you.

 John Smith (tel 01847 831852 or e-mail  john.criffel@talktalk.net)

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