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SCU 12 Future Activities Flying


Suggestions for future activities

Julian’s imagination and his innovative suggestions know no bounds, and earlier in the year he fired off these interesting volleys, which will be discussed at the next committee meeting on Tuesday 13 November:


"During winter evenings, how about having, say up to 3, 'socials' during off season at the club rooms (on Tuesdays?), where people just er... socialise…. but maybe if we can get a TV down, folks could bring some of their cycling vids. Stephen Roche Story, Great Tour battles of old etc.   Have a cuppa and some buns, bit of a laff…. go home".




"These next two will take some organising and I probably won't be able to offer much except in the form of marshalling, but I wonder whether anyone is interested in more than just the one APR a year?  Halkirk usually seems to get people fired up and it's certainly considerably more interesting than 10's. Any number of routes could be considered which don't entail driving to Halkirk. For instance, from the 10 start out to the Weydale turn, up and over Hilliclay, turn right towards Durran, round Olrig (twice would be about 15 miles-ish) and then turn right on the second lap at the top of Olrig to finish at the top of Dixonfield.  Not much traffic apart from the main road; mostly left handers; interesting roads".




"How about a proper hill climb but with a difference.  This might involve travelling to Dunnet as one option and would involve some delicate negotiations. From the car park at Dwarwick Pier to the car park at the House of the Northern Gate might be about 1/2 mile, it's short with a steep bottom section gradual mid section and slightly steeper finish.  If all the arrangements were acceptable riders of similar ability could be set off in twos and first to the top wins that race. Over an evening the winners are paired off to race to the final, when first one to the top is ...wait for it... the champ.  The attraction is again it could be officially a time trial, on a decent little hill with the added excitement of tactics - not least saving enough juice for maybe three or more sprints".

Any comments / approval of the above ideas – please communicate to me or Julian, and we’ll try and arrange to give them a go. (If you don’t move forward, you stand still!)

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