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A warm but rather wet October saw the clocks going back, heralding another winter and meaning that lights have to go on for most of those cycling to and from work. I have reminded myself that this is a great way to maintain fitness during the non-racing season, and unlike past winters I hope to be more consistent in actually doing this. Using a turbo trainer inside after getting home can be a bit of a drag and is potentially more time-consuming and arguably less effective, however it is often the best option, other than cross training by jogging or swimming, when there’s snow or ice around. For the less competitive there is no urge to continue to train to any great degree in the winter, and these people might back off until the weather makes cycling more enjoyable. The key to motivation however, whether doggedly turning out in the worst of weather or determinedly climbing onto the turbo before dinner, means, as in all other walks of life, having a distinct goal. That goal might be knocking a minute off your ‘10’ time, gaining 3rd category status, or completing the ‘end to end’. Whatever the goal, it must be achievable – not too difficult to make it impossible – and you must really want it. This goal (or goals) – you may have a few – should stay in focus at all times, dictating how you train, how much you train, and how you will feel when you achieve that goal. Steady and well-thought out training throughout the winter will maintain aerobic fitness and endurance that will act as a springboard as the new season approaches, at which time more intense efforts can be developed to get the season off to a good start, hopefully well on the way to your goal. There is plenty of advice around, both in the form of cycling magazine articles and books, as well as within the ranks of Caithness cycling club, which has many experienced members happy to give advice. Contact any of the committee members, who will be happy to help, or put you in touch with someone that can. If you have internet access, you have a world of information available on every possible aspect of cycling. If there is a particular topic that you are interested in, I am happy to field enquiries and will try to get an answer.

A plea for help

I am looking for help from a couple of members who would be willing to act as my support in the BCF National 24 hour Championship in Cheshire on July 27-28. This is a serious commitment but all expenses will be paid. Feel free to contact me to enquire about requirements without any obligation on yourselves.

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