Training camps

A few CCC members are planning to go to a cycle training camp in the spring of 2001. Leisure Pursuits ltd. for example run a very popular camp based right on the coast near Puerto Polensa, Majorca, from March 9 to 23rd, which caters for all abilities - several different groups go out each day ranging from ‘plodders’ to speed freaks with ample opportunities for those in between to ride with others of similar ability. There is also lots to see and do in this part of the island. A bike mechanic backs up all the rides and there are training sessions in the evening on topics such as nutrition and riding skills. Cost of this camp is from 419 for a single week with a small supplement for flying from Glasgow. Other venues and dates are also available from this company and others of course. If anyone is interested in attending contact myself, Al or Malcolm, who can supply details of what is available, or check out the ads in Cycling Weekly.

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