New Year, new opportunities.

Christmas has past and the new year is here, the days will start to lengthen again and before we know it it’ll be spring again and time to dust that racing gear off. This is a good time to take advantage of bike shop sales - many year 2000 bikes are reduced in price by up to a third to make way for the 2001 models. Check out the Edinburghbicycle or Bikepark websites (or telephone 0131 228 1368 and 02074 300083 respectively) - there are some bargains in Cannondales and Trek bikes as well as some cheap clothing and accessories. In reality improvements to new models are often minor and may just entail slightly lighter components saving a few grammes in weight. Of course for some real enthusiasts an expensive model may be a great source of pleasure where the feeling of well-being derived from owning and riding such a bike psychologically enhance performance. Such a bike may handle better and be more aerodynamic, not to mention more comfortable. By the same token, many of us might aspire to a BMW or Mercedes car, where in reality a Fiesta would serve us adequately - yer pays yer hard-earned money and makes yer choice - if you can afford it. One could argue that anything that persuades a person to get on his or her bike more is positive and contributing to good health, so the monetary cost of a more expensive machine should be considered along with these added benefits. Just don’t expect it to give a huge increase in speed by itself though - other factors such as fitness and riding position may be much more significant. Conversely, many may be happy with a bike that has served them well for many years and which they have meticulously maintained with loving care and why not - we’re all different in our approach, but what is important is that we continue to cycle and continue to enjoy it. For many of us it is a primary source of motivation, fitness and self-confidence. Lets hope this year brings even more members into the fold.

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