CCC / SCU membership details:

Attached to this newsletter is a membership form for the 2001 season. If you are planning to race or time trial in open events, such as any events in the three Caithness weekend meetings, consider taking up British Cycling Federation (BCF) membership also. Participating in such events is cheaper, and BCF membership also provides third party and personal accident insurance. Gold membership gives personal cover at all times that you are cycling in the UK, whereas silver membership only covers you during open events. Gold membership also includes the BCF 2001 handbook and rule book - unfortunately at this time this looks like it does not include the Scottish Cycling Union (SCU) handbook, which is what we are more likely to be interested in! If things stay as they are this will have to be paid for separately. The club has objected to this and are awaiting a response. Other benefits include a two-monthly copy of the BCF magazine, legal advice and support, and access to road racing and other types of cycling events. A bonus is that the club could be allowed a reduction in affiliation fees if enough members sign up to the BCF. All things considered, if you are half-serious about racing this year it is a good idea to join.

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