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No Local/Open CTT Type Description BikeHike Course Map
TCX File
BikeHike Course Map
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BikeHike Course Map
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Risk Assessment in Word format
1 Local Type B 1.9 Mile Hill Climb WN1.9/01.tcx WN1.9/01.gpx WN1.9/01.kml WN1.9/01 - 1.9m Scrabster Hill Climb RA
2 Open Type A 10 Mile TT - A9/A882 - BC Course NS32 WN10/01.tcx WN10/01.gpx WN10/01.kml WN10/01 - 10mTT NS32 - RA
3 Open/Backup Type A 10 Mile TT - Shebster WN10/02.tcx WN10/02.gpx WN10/02.kml WN10/02 - 10mTT Shebster - RA
4 Open Type A 11 Mile Loch Calder Hilly TT WN11/01.tcx WN11/01.gpx WN11/01.kml WN11/01 - 11m Loch Calder Hilly (1Lap) - RA
5 Local Type B 13 Mile Mount Pleasant Hilly TT WN13/01.tcx WN13/01.gpx WN13/01.kml WN13/01 - 13m Mount Pleasant Hilly RA
6 Local Type B 17.5 Mile TT Broubster WN17/01.tcx WN17/01.gpx WN17/01.kml WN17/01 - 17.5 Broubster TT RA
7 Local Type B 18.3 Mile 2up TT - Isauld WN18/01.tcx WN18/01.gpx WN18/01.kml WN18/01 - 18.3m 2upTT Isauld RA
8 Open Type A 22 Mile Loch Calder Hilly TT WN22/01.tcx WN22/01.gpx WN22/01.kml WN22/01 - 22m Loch Calder Hilly (2Laps) - RA
9 Open Type A 25 Mile TT - Watten - A9/A882 - BC Course NS7 WN25/01.tcx WN25/01.gpx WN25/01.kml WN25/01 - 25mTT - RA
10 Local Type B 50 Mile TT - Lochshell WN50/01.tcx WN50/01.gpx WN50/01.kml WN50/10 - 50mTT Lochshell RA
11 Local Type B Thurso to Wick Interclub Thurso/Wick Interclub.tcx Thurso/Wick Interclub.gpx Thurso/Wick Interclub.kml  
12 Local Type B Wick to Thurso Interclub Wick/Thurso Interclub.tcx Wick/Thurso Interclub.gpx Wick/Thurso Interclub.kml  


























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